Awards and next job

awards and next job

“There is absolutely no recognition here!” ☹

– Welcome to our blog from Rachita Vaidya, Director, Gigart Solutions Private Limited

Years back, I heard the above statement from my colleague. I still hear it! It was at a coffeeshop that I overheard a conversation from a young group near my table.

When I first heard it from my friend years back, I was surprised. I thought our manager indeed had some words of praise for her. So, I was a bit curious and prodded. “Where is the award and certificate?” was her retort to my intrigue.

Indeed, certificates and awards matter. They find a pride of place on our workstations, living room and very importantly… in our resumes!

QWIRK helps you get exactly that and many more! Complete a number of assignments, get a good customer rating and pile a number of recognition badges! Now see what it does to your resume!

QWIRK your way to success!

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