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“Freelancing is a work and career innovation that’s succeeding world-wide, though at different rates of speed” — Forbes Article (What We Learned From The Global Survey On Freelancing)

Technology has completely changed the way people do business in the twenty-first century. Traditional offices have evolved into co-working spaces. Businesses are considering hiring freelancers for short-term work rather than full-time staff. This shift in the workplace landscape has brought with it a slew of new prospects for organizations – Hiring Freelancers.  

Benefits for a Firm:

  • Engaging Freelancers help firms save at least 35% cost, including overheads cost!
  • It also allows a firm to hire specialized professional talent for a specific task.
  • It’s quick and easy. A firm can have a resource on the job the very next day!

Benefits for a Freelancer:

  • Flexibility to decide when to work and manage personal priorities better.
  • Gain relevant experience, learn and grow.
  • Earn and improve profile (read as CV)

A few points to ponder:

  • As a business owner or manager, who helps you finding talent, vetting profiles and recruiting them? Do you struggle to manage all these as you don’t have people to handle such tasks?
  • As a finance manager, what if you could get a list of pre-screened specialists at no extra cost?
  • As a professional, what if interesting job opportunities came to you, instead of you having to go out and get them?

QWIRK is your answer. Yes, you heard that right, QWIRK.

QWIRK is a freelance marketplace that helps businesses find curated qualified employees for short-term assignments and projects across locations in India. The organization began by focusing on Freelancers in the Finance, Audit, Tax and Accounting domain.

Skills categories you can find & hire:

Concurrent audit, stock audit, bank reconciliation (BRS), statutory audits, internal audit (P2P), SOX audits, Control Framework Review, IT Audit, ITGC, General Ledger, Bookkeeping, Payables (including Imports), Receivables, Credit Follow-ups, GST Accounting, Vendor Payables, Direct Tax Return Filing, GST Return Filing, GST Reconciliations, etc. are some of the tasks that the platform can help with.

Make your work as smooth as possible by leveraging QWIRK.

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