Frustrated with your job

frustrated with your job

Do you know someone who resigned their job in frustration, or is about to?

– Welcome to our blog from Rachita Vaidya, Director, Gigart Solutions Private Limited

If yes, they can perhaps relate to the shortest resignation letter (pun intended).

Dear XYZ,




Quite often, not getting another job, is the main reason why people stick with their current frustrating job. The strains show soon, and getting a new one looks ever harder, putting them in a downward spiral.

Come to think of it. Did they really have to wait for the next one, to resign from the current job? Freelancing in the emerging Gig economy can be the answer for such people. QWIRK offers background verification, training and assessments – entirely free of cost!

And… catapults you into the Gig economy!

Through QWIRK, you can choose the type of work, days that you want to work and even train to further upskill!

Wish you all the best and QWIRK your way to success!

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