Liquid Staffing for Frictional Work

liquid staffing for frictional work

A lot of workplace conflicts are a result of, “Well, I’m not gonna do all of these!”

Decades of refining outsourcing and strategic sourcing has led to tighter controls on headcount, often requiring lots of approvals to hire even a budgeted resource. Meanwhile business realities wait for no one, and several transactional tasks pile up leading to numerous frictions at the workplace.

Traditionally, firms are set up for engaging Permanent Staff and Contract Staff to perform a set of predefined roles. Hence headcount is tightly controlled.

What about the hundreds of transactional tasks that pile up? When headcount is a limiting factor, the few highly paid resources in a firm ends up taking up lots of transactional tasks. At times certain tasks require specific skills and it is tough to get a professional who can perform a wide range of tasks.

Needless to say, it is inefficient use of expensive resources; apart from burning out and de-motivating key talent.

Even small & medium sized business owners frequently juggle day-to-day obligations with more sophisticated and time-consuming jobs like finance, chartered accountant jobs, accounting, compliance, internal audit, and risk management. They’re merely attempting to accomplish more with fewer resources.

Both large and small businesses are increasingly discovering that liquid staffing like work from home accounting jobs, reconciliations, tallying records etc. offer a unique chance to get such transactional work done quick and easy through experienced and skilled professionals.

Let’s have a glance at some of the important points to be noted.

Better Return on Investment:

Assuming a slack of 20% (utilization ratio of 80%), the saving is at a minimum 35%! The firm gets to access professionals with relevant skills to take up specific tasks like a Bank Reconciliation (BRS), GST Reconciliation, Accounts Finalizing / Consolidation, Asset register updating etc. The list goes on. Your key talent gets more time to spend on strategic matters and not waste time on transactions.

Flexible and Cost Effective:

◉ Work from home accounting jobs can help you hire talent cost effectively, while allowing for flexibility. Resources are available from Rs 800 / day or more depending on experience, skill category and location.

◉ This model is quick to have a resource on-boarded in a day, and we are available across locations.

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