My Rendezvous with QWIRK

Hi! Myself Md. Jahangir from Kolkata. I am here to share my review and experience with ‘QWIRK’- an ecommerce freelance marketplace.

This marketplace is similar to platforms like Upwork,, and provides services in Finance & Accounting departments and Accounting Firms on short-term/freelance basis.

Freelance work can be found anywhere & everywhere. But the important thing is to land with the correct freelance job.

Now the question is which platform/source to select. To be honest, I was skeptical at the initial stage of the thought of starting freelancing with a completely new platform. Today, I am happy that QWIRK has turned it to be a fruitful experience for me.

The reason I started working with QWIRK was that I wanted to discover how to access jobs in finance and accounts through this platform and how it is different from other freelancing platforms.

I was also keen to know how employers are currently using such talent marketplaces. I wanted to experience its features like payment and selection of the type of projects and compare with other freelance websites. QWIRK, as the name suggests, offers ‘Quick’ and ‘Quality’ work in an easy format. The jobs offer flexible work timings based on your availability & convenience.

I am associated with this platform since June 2021. The kind of freelance work that I got to do for a very large global MNC in the FMCG industry was a good learning experience!

I could leverage my skills in a unique stock audit project. I loved this work too much as I am dedicated and passionate about my work. I am quite happy that my work was well-recognized by the client and was rated 5 stars! I belong to the CA fraternity and hence such experiences will always give me practical learning opportunities in complex environments.

This assignment gave me a chance to earn as well. I am really satisfied with the kind of projects that I got through QWIRK. The moment I started working, I could easily get an idea about the kind of clients they are associated with and the different projects available through their platform.

I will recommend this platform to anyone interested in a freelancing career. My experience so far has been pretty good and I would look forward to working with QWIRK! It opened a way for me to get into the industry in which I was looking to work.

It also helped me build my professional network. The best part I liked is that the platform doesn’t have any subscription or joining charges. The clients also provide ratings, which increases your visibility and chances of getting hired on their platform by top organizations.

So, if you all are thinking to start freelancing, join QWIRK for a better experience and easy earning!

Some suggestions to my fellow Professionals:

  1. You should have a positive attitude to do the assigned work, even if there are some inconveniences like travel, long hours, and lots of transactional work – be ready to take up work without hesitation.
  2. Utmost professionalism should be maintained. Professional ethics and guidelines should be followed, especially on the quality of work, confidentiality, & sensitivity of data/ information.
  3. Always try to reach the assigned location in time, as the supervisors have their responsibilities and time limitations. It will also help you to complete the work within time.

A bit more about QWIRK:

I already mentioned that QWIRK is an online talent marketplace that enables businesses, including global firms to select freelancing professionals from different regions or states for short-duration projects.

Big firms stand to benefit as they can access professionals immediately. A hire would mean the candidate will serve a notice period in the current firm before joining.

Speaking on behalf of freelancers, I can assure you that Firms are provided quality work, as both payment and rating are linked to deliverables. Firms can also use this platform to recruit bright talent for their core team as well.

In case of short-term work, Firms stand to save from 35% to 60% of resource cost as compared to a permanent resource depending on the extent of current slack that can vary from 20% to 50%.

Net-net, it is a win-win for both Firms and Professionals to use QWIRK.

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