Strategy to win the War for Talent

strategy to win the war for talent

“Companies will have to make fundamental changes in how they go about hiring people. From a ‘perfect fit’ template unchanged for many years, ‘near fits’ will become acceptable and the fungibility of skills will take center stage.” – SV Nathan, Partner, and Chief Talent Officer, Deloitte in LinkedIn’s big ideas for 2022

As the year was coming to an end, we did a dipstick study to find out what people thought about #greatresignation. 67% responded saying they will consider innovative solutions, while 33% thought about multiple strategies. No one selected traditional approaches like a pay hike or adding more recruitment service providers as empanelled vendors. This shows fatigue towards tried and tested strategies.

While a hasty return to office announcements triggered the current wave, one cannot ignore several underlying burning issues.

3 major reasons are:

  1. Unhappy in their current roles
  2. The blurring of office boundaries led to more burnout, even though there were the significant saving in commute time
  3. Lack of empathy and poor treatment from managers

Based on our understanding of organizations’ responses, here is a listing of the top three innovative approaches to deal with staffing challenges in the current times.

  1. Out of turn increments, including as high as 50% plus hikes for the top talent
  2. Stated policies to continue with a hybrid model of remote and on-site work
  3. Empanelled liquid workforce to cater to short term work requirements

QWIRK comes into the picture to provide professionals for short-term projects in finance, accounts, audit, tax, digital marketing, HR, and IT skill sets. Early startups have specifically benefited in hiring specialized and niche IT skill-sets when bigger companies are struggling to attract talent even with 100% hikes.

Gigart Solutions Incorporation, Delaware, USA, owns the QWIRK brand. The company is a professional marketplace that assists businesses in finding qualified workers when and when they are needed.

The platform offers a Plug & Play Model for:

• trained, assessed and background verified resources,

• readily available across locations,

• resourced daily,

• when you need, where you need.

So what are you waiting for?

Make your work as smooth as possible by leveraging QWIRK.

Contact Us for more.

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