Your First Job

your first job

Have you ever thought, your first job is not your first permanent job?

– Welcome to our blog from Rachita Vaidya, Director, Gigart Solutions Private Limited

Yes, most of us did an internship or a short project, before we landed our first permanent assignment. Often what we did during the internship or project is a key area for interview discussions – an indicator of how such assignments are important to crack interviews, including the very first permanent assignment.

So… if you haven’t yet landed the assignment of your choice, or you are in between jobs, how about gig your way to success?

Our experience says that a slick resume is only sufficient to grab a fleeting look, while it is grossly insufficient to get selected. Skills gained during your real work are what employers look for.

How can you acquire such relevant skills? Sign up for a course? Do a project? Start with a smaller role? 

Well, QWIRK can offer you all that and even more! The platform offers professionals with an opportunity to be included in a pool of freelancers. These are independent, trained and experienced professionals who get offered such assignments, and even get paid for it!

The platform verifies the identity credentials through a third-party background verification agency. Then, you get to choose the assignments you would like to be considered for.

It offers free! training and assessments… You can take them any number of times! A fresher can also look for live projects to gain experience. These live projects, while they are unpaid, help you take up real tasks to be performed with guidance and reviews, including a performance score. And then you are ready to QWIRK! 

Then on, you can start finding potential clients who are ready to hire you for their ultra-short-term needs. And while you are at it, earn a daily fee for your professional skills, and gain relevant experience that puts you ahead of others during your next interview!

Wish you all the best and QWIRK your way to success!

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